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Zylox-Tonbridge's strategic investment in Wire Sciences boosts the development of innovative vascular intervention surgical robots

On January 17, Zylox-Tonbridge (2190.HK, “the Company”) announced the completion of its strategic investment in Wire Sciences Medical Technology(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. (“Wire Sciences”). By leveraging its own strong capacities and rich experience in R&D, production and commercialization process, the Company will fully empower Wire Sciences to accelerate its development and commercialization of the vascular intervention surgical robot. In addition, the Company will have priority access to exclusive distribution rights of the vascular intervention surgical robots developed by Wire Sciences in selective regions.

This is another new movement of  peripheral vascular device companies and neurology medical device companies Zylox-Tonbridge in peripheral vascular interventions since its initiation of the diversified R&D strategy. Following the previous exclusive partnership with Sky Road on the IVL system, this strategic investment will further expand Zylox-Tonbridge's product portfolio in vascular intervention and strengthen its market leadership and influence. Learn more about PTA balloon catheter, Drug-coated balloon catheter, Neuro medical device, Aspiration catheter, etc.

Wire Sciences is a company focusing on the development of interventional surgical robots applied in coronary, intracranial and peripheral blood vessels. Its new and creative technology will improve the efficiency, accuracy, and stability of vascular intervention procedures, and the feasibility of the product has been recognized by leading experts in China. The Company will fully fulfill the needs of doctors in intervention procedures, and provide clinicians with more comprehensive and convenient solutions.

With the development of technology, interventional therapy for vascular diseases has moved into the mainstream, but there are also some unsolved problems, for example, the operation still depends on doctors’ personal experience, and doctors have to face radiation exposure, long-term operation fatigue and other hazards. The introduction of vascular intervention surgical robots in the future will boost to establish more standardized treatment procedures, and even make multi-disciplinary treatment (MDT) possible through remote control, thereby creating an integrated platform for vascular interventional telemedicine; meanwhile, leading clinicians can also give full play to their strengths in challenging surgeries to provide patients with more timely and accurate treatment.

Dr. Jonathon Zhong Zhao, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Zylox-Tonbridge, said, “Wire Sciences is a leader in vascular intervention surgical robots in China, with profound accumulation and rich experience in medical-engineering development. Physicians and patients will benefit from innovations in vascular interventional procedures driven by the potential synergies between revolutionary technology integrated in Wire Sciences's surgical robots and Zylox-Tonbridge's peripheral- and neurovascular medical devices. It is believed that this strategic investment will be a boost to creation of a comprehensive platform for the treatment of vascular diseases and further improvement of our market competitiveness.”

Wire Sciences said, “Over the past 10 years, Wire Sciences has been committed to creating revolutionary products based on clinical needs and relying on the development of underlying technologies. Despite remarkable achievements, we will never let complacency convince us to settle. Constant efforts will be made to product iteration and technology development, as well as to explore the breakthrough of vascular intervention surgical robots in more complex surgical procedures and diversified applications in telemedicine. In this way, it is expected to meet the demand of physicians and patients for higher efficacy of interventional procedures.”


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