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19 Aug,2022
How to Distinguish Between Vascular Stents and Thrombectomy Stents?

Vascular stents vs. thrombectomy stents How to distinguish them?1. The blood vessel in which the vascular stent is placed does not necessarily have a thrombusThe most common one is the cardiac stent,...

12 Aug,2022
Development History of Vascular Stents

1. Balloon expansion of vascular stentsSince Andreas Gruentzig's first successful operation in 1977, PCI technology has continued to advance, providing an important guarantee for human heart healt...

05 Aug,2022
What Diseases Can Peripheral Vascular Intervention Treat? What Are the Advantages?

Intervention is an emerging discipline developed in recent years, a minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment using high-tech means. Under the guidance of modern high-end imaging equipment such as di...

22 Jul,2022
What Are the Stages of the Development of Vascular Stents?

The past development of vascular stents has mainly gone through three stages: bare metal stents (BMS), drug-eluting stents (DES) and degradable stents (BRS); drug-eluting stents are mainly to solve th...

15 Jul,2022
What Devices for Vascular Interventions Are There?

Commonly used equipment for vascular interventional diagnosis and treatment should include guide wires, catheters, balloon dilatation catheters, intravascular stents and stent grafts, filters, and var...

08 Jul,2022
The Technical Principle of PTA Balloon

Ⅰ. The technology of PTA balloonPercutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) refers to the technique of percutaneously inserting guide wires, balloon catheters, stents and other devices to dilate and ...

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