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Vascular Interventions

One of top vascular medical device companies in China

The pursuit of excellence is the best expression of care for life and our corporate conscience.

Neuro Interventions Vascular Interventions

As one of the leading neurovascular and peripheral vascular device companies in China, Zylox-Tonbridge provides high-value-added vascular medical devices. We have the expertise and knowledge to support you in achieving compliance and meeting your global medical needs.

The peripheral venous vascular diseases treatment pipeline includes a total of 6 listed products including ZENFLEX™ Pro drug-eluting stent and UltraFree™ drug-coated balloon, as illustrated below.

Why Choose Zylox Tonbridge as Your Vascular Medical Device Company?

Why Choose Zylox Tonbridge as Your Vascular Medical Device Company?

Zylox medical is committed to continuous R&D and innovation of peripheral vascular intervention devices. Leveraging our strong research and development capabilities, we have developed a portfolio of over 45 types of innovative products and product candidates with advanced features that are comparable in performance to other international brands in the industry.

Approximately 3,800 sq.m existing production area in Hangzhou and 20,000 sq.m production area under construction in Zhuhai, ensure the global supply capacity.

As one of the leading vascular medical device companies, we are increasingly developing our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, combined with our extensive registration experience and strong collaboration with leading physicians and hospitals, to provide better choices for various needs of individualized treatment plans.

Peripheral Intervention Procedure

Peripheral Intervention Procedure

Peripheral Vascular Intervention Procedures are often used to open blocked arteries in areas other than the heart and brain. The disease can cause blocked or narrowed arteries in the neck, arms, legs and abdomen (peripheral arteries). This condition can further cause leg pain, kidney problems and high blood pressure. 

Angiography is often used by specialist to detect any problems in the vessels of the legs (peripheral angiogram) or kidneys (renal angiography) to help find narrowed or blocked areas and determine if it is peripheral artery disease (PAD). The treatment procedures of diseased arteries can be performed using stents and balloons to open narrowed vessels in other (peripheral) parts of the body.

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