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Getting Latest News about Zylox-Tonbridge

Zylox-TonBridge Medical was selected as one of the top 50 most valuable investment companies in China in 2019

Recently, the Billboard of the "Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Companies in China" in 2019 have been unveiled. As the first domestic company with an investment dimension, Venture50 has accompanied China's equity investment market for fourteen years. It is the authoritative reference standard for judging the investment of high-growth companies in the industry, and it is a weathervane that reflects the annual growth potential of the company. Relying on the technological innovation strength and prospects of peripheral vascular interventions and neurological intervention, Zylox-TonBridge Medical has stood out from more than 7,000 companies, and together with the "Internet celebrities" such as Quick, Zhihu, Himalayan, and Hi Tea, ranked among the "China's most "Top 50 Investment Companies".

The billboard was selected from unlisted companies after the A round of financing stage, fully considering the changing factors of the market, and accurately measuring from multiple dimensions such as innovation, forward-looking, growth, difference, teamwork, and monetization. Meanwhile, hundreds of investment institutions and nearly 400 investors were participated in the selection and review throughout the process, and through online selection and offline docking, it continued to explore value companies and help innovation. Zylox-TonBridge Medical has been ranked 28th in the industry as a representative medical device company.

In this year's list of the top 50 companies, the Internet, sharing economy and other industries occupy almost half seats. Relatively speaking, only a few companies have been selected for the low-key innovative medical device field. Zylox-TonBridge Medical is the best among them. With the recognition and assistance of capital, Zylox-TonBridge Medical will continue to drive innovation and provide doctors and patients with high-quality peripheral intervention and neuro-intervention solutions.


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