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Zylox-Tonbridge: Talent recruitment to gather pace upon approval of H-share incentive trust scheme by General Shareholders' Meeting

On September 23, Zylox-Tonbridge announced that the Shareholders’ Meeting has approved the H-share incentive trust scheme proposed by its Board of Directors. The trust scheme is intended to give equity incentives to employees, so as to better attract and retain talents, improve employees' enthusiasm and cohesion, and better align with long-term development goals of the company.

Dr. Zhao Zhong, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Zylox-Tonbridge, said: "Zylox-Tonbridge is going through the fastest development in 2021 since its establishment. We have taken the lead in establishing integrated development process and innovative technological platforms. At the same time, plenty of our products have been commercially lauched in China and Europe. Zylox-Tonbridge's development and success is inseparable from the contributions of outstanding talents. As our R&D pipeline and platform development strategy are being implemented quickly, Zylox-Tonbridge will continue to attract outstanding talents in the industry and provide them with broad career advancement opportunities and competitive salary structures. In the meanwhile, we will strive to offer patients with premium medical device solutions and improve their quality of life."

Benefiting from the fast development and expansion of business, Zylox-Tonbridge, one of the leading neurovascular medical device companies,  has also stepped up the recruitment of outstanding talents. Recently, we officially kicked off on-campus recruitment for 2022, covering R&D, clinical, registration, production and other positions. The head of Zylox-Tonbridge on-campus recruitment said that the company will provide competitive salaries and benefits, comprehensive training programs and merit-based promotion pathways for all excellent fresh graduates.

Besides, Tonbridge medical group has set up a Beijing Office and Shanghai R&D Center, which is indeed a great addition to its existing offices and R&D centers in Hangzhou and Zhuhai. In the future, the company will fully integrate local resources, attract more outstanding industry talents and accelerate its all-round development.

Zylox-Tonbridge commits itself to providing patients with premium and affordable innovative medical devices and solutions, so that everyone has access to the high-quality life brought by advanced medical technology. Since its establishment, Zylox-Tonbridge has launched a series of pioneering high-end medical devices in the field of peripheral and neurovascular intervention. It is believed that with the joining of high-quality talents, Zylox-Tonbridge will achieve even faster development in the future.


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