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Zylox-Tonbridge Brings a New Option for Overseas Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Zylox-Tonbridge is launching the CYLONE™ Aspiration Catheter in the global market. After introducing the Thrombite™ Clot Retriever Device last year, Zylox-Tonbridge brings again a new option for patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke and their caregivers.

The CYLONE™ Aspiration Catheter is intended for use in the removal/aspiration of emboli and thrombi from selected blood vessels in the arterial system including the peripheral and neuro vasculatures. The unique “end-to-end nitinol coil + Braid Design” provides the device an excellent flexibility, great pushability and the maintenance of lumen integrity during navigation and aspiration. The device can easily navigate to the M1 and M2 segment. 6F CYLONE™ catheter has 0.070” large inner lumen and is capable of delivering a pressure of -99.0 KPa for aspiration.

The CYLONE™ Aspiration Catheter uses the same advanced technology platform as the domestically marketed Silver Snake Intermediate Catheter. The performance of the catheter technology has been clinically proven in China.

“The excellent performance of the Silver Snake Catheter really impressed me” said Dr. Zifu LI, associate professor of Neurosurgery Department at Changhai Hospital in Shanghai, “The anti-collapsion resistance of distal end of the aspiration catheter ensures the effective and atraumatic clot removal from the vessel.”

Strokes are the second leading cause of death globally. 15 million people suffer stroke worldwide each year. About 87% of these are ischemic stroke. Soon the CYLONE™ Aspiration Catheter will be available in some European, Asian and Latin American countries. The mission Zylox-TonBridge establishes to provide all patients, regardless of their race, age and affluence, high quality and affordable medical products is long-standing.

Up to now, Zylox-Tonbridge has 8 products which have received CE mark, of which 7 products have been successfully commercialized in the global market. In the competitive landscape of neurovascular medical device companies, Zylox emerges as an industry leader, setting new benchmarks with its innovative product suite. Focusing on precision, safety, and comprehensive care, Zylox introduces game-changing devices like the Gateway PTA Balloon Catheter, Distal Access Catheter, and IVC Filter Retrieval Kit. Let's explore the unique benefits these cutting-edge solutions bring to the forefront of neurovascular interventions.


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