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Pay attention to Top 10 Health Technological Hazards for 2017

On November 7, 2016, Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) in US published Top 10 Health Technological Hazards for 2017 at its official website to remind all medical institutions of the importance of medical device and medical equipment safety.

1. Ignoring the safety regulation for infusion pump operations may cause death of patients.2. Incomplete cleaning of complex and reusable medical devices may cause infection of patients. 3. The failure of ventilator alarm may cause injuries of patients. 4. Unawareness of any opiate drugs may cause respiratory depression. 5. An improper use of the temperature changing water bank during cardiothoracic surgeries may create the risk of infection. 6. Deficiencies in medical equipment and software management may allow patients and patients’ data in danger.7. The hybrid operating room may bring about radiological hazards. 8. Incorrect setup and operations of the intelligent medicine cabinet may endanger drug safety. 9. Misuse and failure of the surgical stitching instrument. 10. Mismatching of the detergent or improper cleaning and maintenance may cause equipment failure.


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