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Endovascular Revascularization Procedure

What Is Endovascular Revascularization?

Endovascular revascularization is a minimally invasive procedure to open blocked arteries and restore blood flow. It is performed by guiding small instruments like balloons and stents through a catheter inserted into the artery. The blockage is opened from the inside out without major surgery.

Benefits include faster recovery, less invasiveness, and avoiding open surgery. It is commonly used to treat peripheral artery disease in the legs. Endovascular revascularization provides an effective option to improve circulation and relieve symptoms of arterial blockages.

Revascularization Treatment

Endovascular revascularization is a minimally invasive procedure to reopen blocked arteries using a catheter, balloon and stent to widen the artery from inside.

Angioplasty uses balloon catheters, like the PTA balloon catheter, to open a narrowed artery.

Atherectomy removes plaque buildup inside an artery using a special device.

These techniques are effective treatments for blocked leg arteries caused by peripheral artery disease, improving blood flow non-surgically.

After Revascularization Treatment

After endovascular revascularization, it is important to follow your doctor's instructions for recovery and care:

- Rest for 1-2 days to allow the access site to heal. Avoid strenuous activities for at least a week.

- Keep the affected leg elevated when sitting or lying down to reduce swelling.

- Take medications as prescribed, such as blood thinners and drugs to manage blood pressure and cholesterol.

- Quit smoking and follow diet and exercise guidelines to support long-term artery health.

- Attend follow-up appointments so your doctor can monitor your progress. You may need imaging tests to check the treated artery.

- Report any unusual symptoms like fever, bleeding, numbness, or coldness in the leg. Seek prompt medical care for sudden chest pain or shortness of breath.

Following post-procedure care instructions lowers the risk of complications and helps ensure the best outcome after revascularization.

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