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Zylox Medical's Staff ran the 2020 Hangzhou Dream Town Half Marathon

2020 Hangzhou Dream Town Half Marathon kicked off on Nov 29. 30 employees of Zylox medical signed up and completed the race. This is the second time that Zylox Medical's staff take part in this event.

Zylox Medical's staff has started the training and enjoyed running since the beginning of 2020. The training three times a week after work and leisure running every weekend have become very popular activities in Zylox Medical. Running a marathon is a true test of endurance that requires mental strength as much as a physical one, which enables runners to constantly surpass themselves.

Holding in Yuhang district, the 2020 Hangzhou Dream Town Half Marathon attracted about 7000 runners. The race was held for the first time in 2018 and was awarded the Silver Label Road Race and “the most beautiful marathon track” by the Chinese Athletics Association in 20191.

All participants were required to provide a green health code by the event organizer before the race to ensure safety, participants who don’t resident in Zhejiang or Shanghai provinces had to pass the COVID-19 test within 7 days before the race additionally2.


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