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The Summit forum for Smarter Healthcare Development in Wuhan

On November 25, 2016, the Third Summit forum for Smarter Healthcare Development was jointly hosted by Wisdom and Mobile Medical Branch and Medical Software Branch of CAMDI in Wuhan. Wu Linzhang, deputy director-general of China Hubei Provincial Science Technology Department, Jiang Feng, executive vice chairman of CAMDI, Yang Xiaohui, deputy director of Optics Valley Modern Service Industry Park Office together with numerous experts, scholars and elites in the industry attended this summit.

Deputy Director-General Wu addressed this summit and said population health played a key role in developing medical and health services. We should focus on scientific and technological innovation to solve sanitation and health issues because it can facilitate development of health services and industry. Executive vice chairman Jiang expressed his two hopes for this summit: firstly, we should seize the best chance for medical device development and secondly, we should keep an open mind to accept and utilize this chance. Deputy Director Yang said that on the occasion of this summit for smarter healthcare development, we would further integrate opened information resources with each other, optimize relevant investment services and take suggestions from experts and peers to help with the smarter healthcare industry of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone.

And then, Luo Qingming, director-general of wisdom and mobile branch, professor Long, director-general of medical software branch, professor Li Weidong at Tsinghua University, professor Zhou Dan, honorary director of Biomedical Engineering Society of Chinese Medical Association (CMA), Yang Yinxue, director of General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, Liu Fan, director of Information Center at Peking University People’s Hospital, Zeng Yongqin, executive director of Philips Medical Research Institute, Yao Jun, the assistant to general manager of Optics Valley Smarter Healthcare Park and Yang Guoliang, vice director of The Center Hospital of Wuhan respectively made great keynote speeches.

The summit brought together Xu Liqun, the chief scientist at China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), Liu Lei, the chief researcher at Institutes of Biomedical Sciences (IBS) of Fudan University, Zhang Siyu, general manager of ZTEICT, Fang Dayuan, general manager of MAlliance, Jiang Xun, co-CEO of Yuwell and Medical Cloud Health, Wang Ping, general manager of INFINITT Healthcare Co., Ltd, Fan Zhiqiang, the founder of BioClub, Song Enmin, the professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Chen Bei, the founder of BMC Medical Co., Ltd., Ye Weiguo, board chairman of Ningbo Taller Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., and Sun Xuning, executive vice-president of Suzhou Research Institute for Collaborative Innovation of Medical Robots to discuss issues about smarter healthcare and share experience and thoughts on relevant macro-policies, the industry status, development tendency, innovation and entrepreneurship.


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