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28 Jun,2023
PAD Stent Surgery Basic Info

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) refers to hardening or blockage of arteries in the lower extremities. PAD is often caused by atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries and can lead to leg pain, cram...

05 Jun,2023
PTA Balloon Catheter Basics

PTA balloon catheters are specialized medical devices utilized by interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons to perform PTA. PTA is an endovascular procedure in which a balloon catheter is guid...

05 Jun,2023
How Neurological Interventions Save Lives?

Neurological interventions, including neurovascular interventions and neurostimulation, have seen tremendous growth in recent years. Neurovascular interventions, such as mechanical thrombectomy and an...

19 Apr,2023
What Are the Advantages of Neurovascular Interventional Therapy?

Neurovascular intervention is a medical treatment method used to treat brain vascular diseases, such as cerebral infarction, cerebral aneurysm, carotid artery stenosis, and cerebral arterial malformat...

12 Apr,2023
Treatment and Common Issues of Neurovascular Intervention

Neurovascular intervention refers to a treatment method that uses interventional techniques within the nervous system. This treatment is commonly used in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular...

19 Jan,2023
Commonly Used Devices for Neurointerventional Therapy

Neurovascular interventional radiotherapy refers to the treatment of certain diseases of the central nervous system through arterial or venous routes under X-ray monitoring.Endovascular neurosurgery h...

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